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Hello! I'm Louis "sirlou" Kahn and I'm interested in providing you with adventures and gaming supplements that hearken back to the days of yore (the late 1970's), and helping you recapture the passion and excitement you felt the first time you played a role-playing game!


News: Krampusnacht

DECEMBER 2017: I am very proud to announce the release of my sixteenth book, "Krampusnacht".  It is available for purchase now in PDF format from me and my online partners.

"Krampusnacht" contains a BRAND NEW HOLIDAY ONE-SHOT ADVENTURE for use with most fantasy role-playing games, including Old School systems such as OSRIC, 1E and other compatible retro-clone campaign! This 16 page book contains an adventure, for 4-6 PCs of Levels 2-4. It is fully detailed and ready for immediate use with very little preparation by the GM or the players! A quick night of fun filled holiday role-playing fun is right at your fingertips!

This supplement also provides wonderful background information and additional knowledge for those GM’s setting their campaigns in the my ever expanding campaign world, which now comprises FOUR different kingdoms: JarlburghAlderburgh, The Red Eagle Barony, and Dùn Bhriste.

News: Cavalier Attitude, Volume I, Issue 2

DECEMBER 2017: I am very pleased to announce the release of my fifteenth product, the Second Issue of my fantasy role-playing zine, "Cavalier Attitude".  It is available for purchase now in PDF format from me and my online partners!

In addition to the zine's regular columns, this issue features a NEW COLUMN containing an brand new exclusive one-page OSR adventure, "THE SHRINE OF THE TITANS": this high level adventure is for 4-6 players of levels 8-10.

Cavalier Attitude focuses on the Old School Revival in fantasy role-playing. It will focus on OSRIC, my retro-clone of choice, but it will also cover other Old School games systems. The zine will be published quarterly.



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