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Hello! I'm Louis "sirlou" Kahn and I'm interested in providing you with adventures and gaming supplements that hearken back to the days of yore (the late 1970's), and helping you recapture the passion and excitement you felt the first time you played a role-playing game!


News: Cavalier Attitude, Vol. III, Issue 1

March 2019: I am very happy to announce the release of my thirty-sixth supplement and the seventh issue of my Old School zine: Cavalier Attitude, Vol. 3, Issue 1. It is available for purchase right now in PDF format!

The seventh issue’s contents include the following:
  • Felony Murder Hobos: Law and Order in Medieval Campaigns: an article on applying legal system in your fantasy role playing campaign.
  • Bard’s Corner: a feature showcasing fantasy fiction with an RPG theme, by myself and others. The story in this issue is entitled “Prue’s Fate".
  • Magickal Menagerie: a feature wherein we provide new and unique magic items for your players, straight from the pages of my published adventures!
  • Pre-generated player character: a set of six pre-generated player character ready to take on whatever your GM’s campaign can dish out. This issue features our new landscape character sheet format, which we hope you enjoy!
  • An Exclusive OSR adventure, "The Blood Moon": a lycanthrope-themed OSR adventure which takes place at a ransacked farm a few short miles outside civilization, known as the Humbill House. This mid-level adventure features a set of three new lycans, the WEREWEASEL, WEREJACKAL and WERELION. It is compatible with most FRPGs and is intended for 4-6 player characters of levels 4-6.
  • BONUS HANDOUT: A full-page sized handout of the map for the Humbill House farmstead for use with the BLOOD MOON adventure.
  • Old School art: a showcase of art, by myself and others, which are features in my published books;
  • Market Square: synopses and information on my recently published books; and
  • The Inn: a roundup of role-playing social media posts.

News: 2019 Starry Knight Press Calendar

January 2019: I am very happy to announce a first for Starry Knight Press, our thirty-third release is our first yearly calendar! It is currently available for purchase now in PDF format!

This 12 Month calendar features a different Starry Knight Press supplement each month, coinciding with the month the supplement was written and/or released. The calendar also contains the United States Federal Holidays, as well as the major religious holidays for several faiths including the Old Faith, which is a key religion the faiths in my published campaign are based on. It also includes the birthdays of authors, creators and artists who are important and influential to me and many others in the RPG and fantasy community (e.g. Gary Gygax, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and etc.).

This calendar is being released as a Pay What Your Want product, and everyone is encouraged to download it and enjoy it! I would kindly ask you to please leave the suggested contribution ($1) if you like my content and you are interested in supporting me and helping to keep the lights on here at Starry Knight Press!



About this site: Starry Knight Press is dedicated to one simple proposition -- providing GMs and players alike with the very best in adventures and game supplements for use in your Old School & OSRIC compatible campaigns. We thank you for your interest and support.