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Hello! I'm Louis "sirlou" Kahn and I'm interested in providing you with adventures and gaming supplements that hearken back to the days of yore (the late 1970's), and helping you recapture the passion and excitement you felt the first time you played a role-playing game!


News: Knightly Tournaments

APRIL 2018: I am very proud to announce a milestone for Starry Knight Press the release of my TWENTIETH book, which is my third rules supplement, "KNIGHTLY TOURNAMENTS". It is CURRENTLY available for purchase right now in PDF format!

This guide focuses on rules for simulating medieval tournament style mounted and un-mounted combat for use with OSRIC and 1E compatible retro-clones although its rules, which focus on alternating ability checks, are compatible with most fantasy RPGs.

This supplement also has three different tournament scenarios, so your players will be strapped to a warhorse and hammering down a list at their opponent or charging into a tournament mêlée in little to no time! They are written to be flexible and may be used with any level.



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