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I am Louis "sirlou" Kahn, and I am Starry Knight Press.  I began my career on the internets back in the hazy days of 1992, building out a website for my favourite ska band, 2Tone Pioneers The English Beat! Fast forward twenty-five years and its been an amazing run with the band!  I've been to thousands of concerts, had the pleasure of working on several albums, and met most of my rock & pop idols over the years! However, the one thing I've done even longer than working in rock & roll, longer than anything else I've ever done, is being a gamer!

And not just any type of gamer, but one of those who caught the bug at an early age, at a seminal point in role-playing history.  I grew up playing the original version of D&D, and then the advanced game and the second edition of the game throughout college and law school.  That is where I stalled because the newer games (v.3.x+) never really grabbed me.

Over the years though, I had crafted countless dungeons and characters and castles and scenarios...and never shared them with anyone.  I always felt like maybe it was a little "too nerdy" to cop to the fact I secretly wanted to be a hobbit (but really who doesn't?).

And then recently two wonderful things happened to me!  First, I read Felicia Day's AMAZING book "You're Never Weird on the Internet" and was totally inspired by her to embrace my inner geek!  I love fantasy role-playing with all my heart and it has been a huge part of my life, so why was I hiding this? Silly me! I owe Felicia Day an enormous debt for making me feel comfortable in my own gamer skin. Second, I made some wonderful new friends, including Greg Covey of Unseen Servant Press. Here was a guy just like me who had actually published his own module, in an amazing professional, top-notch, completely badass manner. 

I knew then that my lifelong dream of publishing my own adventures was within my reach!

So I started writing; the work that I present here is the culmination of nearly four decades of gaming! I hope you and your players enjoy my products, and I look forward to providing you further adventures in the days to come!

Thank you for supporting STARRY KNIGHT PRESS!!


Louis "sirlou" Kahn
November 2016

About this site: Starry Knight Press is dedicated to one simple proposition -- providing GMs and players alike with the very best in adventures and game supplements for use in your Old School & OSRIC compatible campaigns. We thank you for your interest and support.