The Anti-Paladin

The Anti-Paladin is my tenth book, my second "Rules" supplement and my third book on character creation.  It includes FOUR detailed NPC anti-paladins, with detailed descriptions and maps for their fortifications so GMs can easily drop them into their existing campaign world, for a quick and deadly gaming session with your players. 

This 36 page rules supplement contains all the information you need to create and play fledgling zero level player characters. You will find within information on creating player characters that will assist new players in learning to role play and to help veteran players by creating a more immersive experience with player characters that have a past together, for a more cohesive group!

The supplement also provides GMs and players with  six fully set-up PREGENERATED CHARACTERS, a PROFESSIONAL ADVENTURER CHARTER, appendices for NEW MONSTERS AND NEW MAGIC ITEMS, Old School overland and dungeon maps...and so much more!

Available NOW as a PDF directly from us and a PRINT book (coming soon), this book features 36 pages of terrifying dark knight excitement, sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!




THE ANTI-PALADIN: If you’ve ever wanted to let loose evil incarnate on your Old School fantasy role playing campaign, then this book is for you!

The Anti-Paladin contains a BRAND NEW NPC/CHARACTER CLASS for OSRIC, 1E and compatible Old School retro-clones campaign! Herein you will discover the treacherous and dark hearted ANTI-PALADIN NPC and character class, a master of chaos, treachery and death – ready to unleash all manner of insidious magical attacks upon his or her foes, and aided by retched evil followers and beasts foul and fearsome – hell hounds, wyverns and even dark hearted dragons!

The author has laid out a new class utilizing a well researched, thought out and detailed system of rules for creating these dark knights and implementing them into your fantasy campaign. This supplement includes everything the Game Master needs to incorporate this character class, its unique arms and armour, and fearsome companions into their world, including: a fully detailed character class consistent with OSRIC and 1E rules, descriptions of the armour, weapons and requisite equipment for the class, descriptions of the followers and companions, examples of valuable and magical class specific items, as well as FOUR FULLY DETAILED examples of anti-paladins to get you and your players right into the action!

The supplement contains four anti-paladins I created, at 4th, 8th, 12th and 16th level, to challenge players of various levels. You will meet the following dark knights:

• GRAM KOLDRED (4TH LEVEL): A disturbed xenophobic, parenticidal murder who lives in a fortified manor house on a pirate isle, surrounded by fanatical evil follower.

• DAHLIA JARDEAN (8TH LEVEL): At 552 years old, DAHLIA puts the ancient in the term “ancient evil”. "The Scorpion", as she is sometimes known, is a shape-changing dark night with two great passions in her long life: designing couture and being a serial killer.

• DARK KNIGHT MAL VAVASSEUR (12TH LEVEL): Hailing from a distant nation with a rigid social order, this cold and cruel man upended the social order in his homeland, causing a decades long civil war, through his pact with a infernal demon, whom he still serves - spreading death and destruction in his wake.

• DARK KNIGHT BELLADONNA CORWAN (16th level): Belladonna is a woman who chose evil not because she was called to it, but because it was convenient and she was foolish. Known as “The Dragon Lady”, this powerful dark knight led a demon’s forces on the planes of hell for countless years, before slaying her master and returning to this plane. She’s on the run from the demon horde; she’s angry and prone to snapping; and she’s not to be trifled with!

Each one of these anti-paladins comes completely detailed and ready to play with their back story, present whereabouts, gear and magic items, detailed NPC follower information, mercenary troop descriptions, and, best of all, detailed maps and descriptions of their fortifications (manor house, keep or castle) – with wonderful Old School cartography from the incomparable Dyson Logos. This supplement is also packed full of gorgeous Old School artwork throughout, which really helps bring these masters of evil to life!

This supplement also provides wonderful background information. history and additional knowledge for those GM’s setting their campaigns in my ever expanding campaign world, which now comprises FOUR different kingdoms: Jarlburgh, Alderburgh, The Red Eagle Barony, and Dùn Bhriste.

Photos of the actual module:
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