The Best of Cavalier Attitude

"The Best of Cavalier Attitude" is my thirty-seventh book and my fourth compilation supplement. This book combines the very best of the first two volumes (Volume I and II) of Cavalier Attitude, for a content-rich, reasonably price summary of the crème de la crème of Cavalier Attitude's first two years of publishing!

This  56 page compilation supplement contains FIVE OSR ADVENTURES, SIX RPG ARTICLES, and a FANTASY SHORT STORY! The supplement also provides NEW CONTENT in the form of a new mini-adventure as well as all the DUNGEON AND OVERLAND MAPS needed, new PRE-GENERATED CHARACTERS, NEW MONSTERS, and NEW MAGIC ITEMS!

Available NOW as a PDF directly from us and a PRINT book (coming soon), this book is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!





A compendium of adventures, articles and fantasy fiction
Compatible with first edition and OSRIC™ gaming rules

A world of adventure awaits you within!
This book contains wonders gleaned from the pages of
Starry Night Press’ Old School RPG zine Cavalier Attitude!

Hello and welcome, adventurers and Game Masters!

This supplement was inspired by the venerable TSR “Best of Dragon” series. In this supplement you will find adventures, RPG articles, and fantasy fiction all gleaned from the first two years (Volumes I and II) of my Old School zine, CAVALIER ATTITUDE! 56 pages of OSR goodness featuring adventures scenarios, RPG articles, short fantasy fiction, and much more!

The five adventures presented herein are as follows:

  • SHRINE OF THE TITANS: A mission to rescue a militia unit which went missing while investigating an ancient shrine in the mountains. (For PCs level 8 to 10)
  • SEA HAG’S FOLLY: Your players must defeat an army of aquatic humanoids under the control of a sea hag. (For PCs level 2 to 4)
  • THE CRYSTAL CAVERN: This venerable pub provides a relatively safe staging point from which your players may explore the dark Under-Realm. This has been expanded to include a chart of rumors (adventure hooks) and a mini-adventure. In The Slaver’s Camp, your players must defeat a group of slaver’s before they can sell their wares. (For PCs level 5 to 7)
  • THE DARK CHANTERIE: Your players will be exploring the ancient shrine of a golem cult, to uncover the secrets hidden within its dark halls. (For PCs level 12 to 16)
  • THE ICY HOLLOW: In this winter-themed adventure the players are hired to investigate rumours of new occupants at abandoned dwarven outpost. (For PCs level 4 to 6)

The six RPG articles presented herein are as follows:

  • INTRODUCING PLAYERS TO RPGS VIA OSR: In this article we discuss the efficacy of using OSR games to introduce new players to role-playing games, including those who have never played before.
  • 8 REASONS TO CHECK OUT OSRIC: This article provides an explanation of what OSRIC is, and why I think it might be the very best of the Old School Renaissance retro-clones.
  • HANDY HAVERSACK: What items should every adventurer have in their backpack? We answer this question by offering a “standard pack” to allow players to meet all of an adventuring life’s uncertainties, with a breakdown of our pack’s contents and the use and necessity of each item.
  • THE WARRIOR MONK: This article introduces a new playable class for OSRIC, a warrior monk based on Western European-style medieval monks.
  • THE SCOUT CLASS: This article discusses a new playable class for OSRIC, the scout class: a class composed of lightly armed military spies, dogged bounty hunters, and bold frontier people.
  • OUT OF ALIGNMENT: A discussion on when and how a player’s alignment may change, the consequences of this monumental shift in the player’s ethos, and how to handle this issue as a Game Master.

The very first FANTASY SHORT STORY we published, as follows:

  • SIENNA’S TALE: DEATH COMES TO BLACKROCK: In this story we meet the brave, inquisitive girl Sienna, on possibly the worst day of her young life. From seemingly out of nowhere, cruel Oruks attack her family farm, taking everyone and everything that matters to her. But they cannot break her spirit!

Plus MUCH MORE, includes many features not present when these scenarios were published in the original zine format, as follows:

  • pre-generated characters usable with every one of the adventures
  • fully detailed hex maps depicting the areas of these adventures
  • full statistics and descriptions for the new monsters in these adventures, and
  • full descriptions of the new magical items introduced herein

This book serves up 56 pages of action and excitement, and it is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!

Photos of the actual module:

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