Cavalier Attitude zine (Volume I, Issue 1)

I'm proud to introduce my ninth product, my new zine: Cavalier Attitude! As the masthead says, this zine will focus on the Old School Revival (OSR) in fantasy role-playing. The Oldschool System Reference and Index Compilation™ (OSRIC) is my personal retro-clone of choice, but I will cover other games systems as well, as interest and time permit. However, the materials will be relevant to BECMI, 1E and 2E players as well as those who play the modern (5E) game.

I will be publishing the zine quarterly. This first issue is sold at a low price as it is meant to introduce the zine to the world. It will also be given away FREE to anyone who purchases one of my modules as a big THANK YOU for supporting Starry Knight Press!!

Subsequently, my plan is to give away the current version of the zine bundled with copies of my modules, supplements and one-shots! If you purchase one of my products you will get the latest zine issue for free, as a thank you!

The latest and prior issues will also always be available here for regular purchase, so if you missed any you will always be able to purchase back issues.

Volume I, Issue 1

Volume I, Issue 1


As you will see from the preview’s table of contents, the zine will feature articles on gaming subjects of interest to Old School players and those who play the newer editions; Old School art by myself and other artists featured in my work; updates on my modules, supplements and campaign world; a social media round-up; and each issue we feature a well balanced party of six pre-generated characters for use by you and your players as NPSs or player characters in your own campaign.

Future issues will also include fantasy fiction by myself and others; background information and additional areas for adventure for those GM’s setting their campaigns in my ever expanding campaign world; one-shot and one-page modules and encounters; DM’s tips and rules discussions; miniature painting galleries and guides; interviews with authors and other makers in the RPG community; and much more!

This zine is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!

Photos of the actual zine:
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