The Way O' The Fae

The Way O' The Fae is my fifth adventure, and the third supplement in the "S series".  This supplement contains an adventure into the Lands of Faerie, compatible with OSRIC, 1E and 2E game systems, and is recommended for 4-6 player characters of levels 0-1.

This supplement provides a fully detailed town setting, the Village of Breyburgh, for use in this modules and others to come, or in the GM's own adventures. The village is provided with a detailed background history and detailed map, tagged with all of the important buildings and features.

The supplement also provides GMs with a well thought out system for creating a band of neophyte player characters with a shared history and background: the Zero Level PC Rule System

Available NOW as a PDF directly from us and a PRINT book (coming soon), this book features 30 pages of excitement and amusement, sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!




You’ve spent your whole life among the stolid, staid and downright stubborn people of Breyburgh, a city of goat herders that actually takes its name from the tenacious animal’s vocalization.

As a young person growing up in this boring backwater village, you always thought you were special and meant for something different. Something more than the life of a farmer, a goatherd, a miller or a tanner. You’ve dreamt of something grander: a life of adventure!  

Your escape has always been just a dream, until now! Something strange and troubling is afoot in the village of Breyburgh. The cats in the village have gone missing. First one or two, which could be explained by forest predators, but now all the cats in the village are gone…and no one knows why.  

As luck would have it, now there’s a visiting stranger involved, a magic user no less, whose feline companion went missing. He’s offered a reward if someone can find his lost cat Jasmine and return her to him.

This is the chance you’ve been waiting your whole life for! It’s your time to shine; if you and your companions can find this mage’s cat you just might become “The Heroes of Breyburgh”.  

The adventure features a party of neophyte adventurers setting out to find fame and fortune by solving the mystery of why all of the cats in their little village are disappearing. Along the way the players are, for better or worse…probably worse, going to get caught up in the eternal struggle between two mischievous fae miscreants, the leprechaun twins Fiona Ó Finn and her brother Greagoir.

This will lead the party on an adventure into the Land of Faerie, where they will face all sorts of riddles, traps and nonsense before discovering the fate of the lost cats and, perhaps if they are very lucky, finding Greagoir – and nabbing his pot o’ gold or coercing a wish from him or some other grand reward the bards always sing of!

With an all-new, author-designed system for creating ZERO LEVEL PCs, and six such characters included as pre-generated PCs, this supplement offers a wonderful introduction to the pleasures of role-playing games to new players, and an exciting opportunity to become part of a tightly knit group of players with an integrated back story here in the Village of Breyburgh. You can be in on the ground floor in forming your own adventuring band of renown, just like the Waffle Crew or the players of Critical Role!  

This 30 page adventure module includes:

  • A completely original, all new module full of puzzles, role-playing challenges, and high adventure!
  • A completely detailed map in the Old School blue & white style, with detailed encounters for each area!
  • Amazing Old-school style art, with a beautiful new COLOUR cover by Daniel F. Walthall (@Axeband); along with great art from Thomas Fayan, Mark Huffman,  Matt Morrow, and Dean Spencer; and additional artwork and cartography by the author himself, Louis "sirlou" Kahn
  • A ZERO LEVEL PC RULE SYSTEM to allow the players to begin adventuring together from their very adolescence, as they set out into the wide world as a cohesive adventuring crew who have all grown up together in the same village!
  • Also includes a detailed listing of all new spells for both Zero Level spiritual and arcane spell casters: benedictions and cantrips!
  • A carefully crafted set of SIX PREGENERATED CHARACTERS, ready for immediate use in the game by players or the GM. Each of the six players have also been level progressed from Zero Level to First Level, including their stats and gear, in case the players do not wish to play with the campaign focused Zero Level PCs provided in the supplement.
  • Special addendums featuring NEW monsters & NEW magical items sure to delight GM and players alike
  • This adventure is a prequel to S1 HARQUEBUSIER and THE TRIALS OF THE SHOOTIST, our first supplement and its adventure. After reaching First level in this supplement, fighter types may continue along on in the campaign by going to the Harquebusier Academy and completing the adventure in S1.
  • This supplement also includes a detailed map of the PCs hometown, the Village of Breyburgh, done in the Old School style, and tagged with detailed information on the most important local buildings, landmarks and features!

Photos of the actual module:
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