Tales from The Dales

"Tales from The Dales" is my thirty-fourth book and my third book in the "SC-series" of adventure compilations. This megamodule combines our third set of four one-shot adventures (SO9-SO12), for a very reasonable price!

This one is a bit different from my other two, however, as all four adventures take place in the newly revealed nation of The Dales, the ancestral home of dwarves, gnomes and halflings in my campaign realm! This massive tome contains four complete  adventures for 4-6 players of Levels 1-6.

This  76 page compilation module contains all the information you need for running your players through many sessions of epic dungeon crawling fun! The supplement provides GMs and players with all the DUNGEON AND OVERLAND MAPS they need, it provides you with  PRE-GENERATED CHARACTERS, appendices for NEW MONSTERS, NEW SPELL and NEW MAGIC ITEMS, PLAYER HAND-OUTS...and so much more!

Available NOW as a PDF directly from us and a PRINT book (coming soon), this book is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!





A selection of fantasy adventures compatible with
first edition gaming and OSRIC™
Recommended for 4-6 player characters of level 2 to 10

ill you head down the wishing well and come back a hero?
Can you stand against the ancient fae fiend, The Pumpkin Man?
Are you able to best the beasts and puzzles of Madrigan’s Maze?
Can you defeat Krampus before he drags the bairns to Hell?

This supplement is an exciting gateway to adventure in a newly discovered portion of my campaign realm,

THE DALES, the ancestral home of the dwarves, gnomes and halflings in my world. In this 76-page tome you will find FOUR COMPLETE, exciting modules to challenge you and your players. Your group is going to be introduced to a variety of challenges, in a number of settings, requiring several different skill sets. There are battles for sure, but there are also puzzles, traps and thinking problems!

  • In Down the Wishing Well, the first module to introduce The Dales, you play a halfling character that has come of age and is being called down the wishing well by an ancient goddess.
  • In The Pumpkin Man the players take refuge at an old manor house, only to be called on to stand against an ancient fae fiend tormenting the family as part of an ancient curse.
  • Your players will be challenged to best the beasts and puzzles of an insane illusionist in Mad Madrigan’s Maze.
  • Lastly, in the adventure Return of Krampus, your players will be called on to defeat the demonic beastie Krampus, who has joined with a group of deep dwarves to attack a dwarven village and abscond with their bairns and a sacred hammer, forged by a god.

This supplement is a collection of FOUR ONE SHOT ADVENTURES which I have published, fully detailed and ready for immediate use with very little preparation by the GM or the players! Many glorious nights of role-playing fun are right at your fingertips!

Inside this book you will find great Old-School art and completely detailed Old School maps, with detailed encounters for each area! This module also includes a detailed map of The Dales, done in the Old School style and complete with information on geography, local settlements, defenses, and areas for further exploration. This supplement also includes carefully PRE-GENERATED PLAYER CHARACTERS for use with each adventure! Each of the players is presented fully ready to play, with all of the necessary stats and gear. As a BONUS, these PCs are specially laid out so the GM can simply print out the page, cut out the characters sheets, and hand them out! Each player will be ready to go with their own handy mini character sheet!

Lastly, this book includes 6 new monsters and 9 new magic items for your players to enjoy!

This book serves up a massive 76 pages of action and excitement, and it is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!

Photos of the actual module:

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