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Wycked Summons is my fourteenth book and the first in the "SC-series" of adventure compilations. This massive book combines our first four one-shot adventures for a very reasonable price! Your players will face a variety of challenges requiring multiple skill sets! This 66 page tome contains 4 complete one-shot adventures, for 4-6 players of Levels 4-8.

This  66 page compilation module contains all the information you need for running your players through an many nights of epic dungeon crawling fun! The supplement provides GMs and players with all the DUNGEON MAPS they need, along with four sets of  PRE-GENERATED CHARACTERS (one for each adventure in the book), appendices for NEW MONSTERS, NEW SPELL and NEW MAGIC ITEMS, Old School OVERLAND MAPS, Original Hand-Drawn maps...and so much more!

Available NOW as a PDF directly from us and a PRINT book (coming soon), this book is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!




Can you help a noble knight to return to her eternal rest?
The village of Dùn Loachas is under siege- will you save the day?
Can you survive the dungeon of the mad god Arawn?
Will you come to the aid of the Shield Maiden of Iasgairen?

You hold in your hands a wondrous gateway to adventure: in this 66-page tome you will find four exciting modules to challenge you and your players.

Your group is going to be introduced to a variety of challenges, in a number of settings, requiring several different skill sets. There are battles for sure, but there are also puzzles, traps and thinking problems!

In Eternal Knight the party will be called upon to defend the tomb of a long dead goodly knight from the machinations of an ancient otherworldly evil.

In Clash at Fort Valour, the party will be drafted to defend the village of Fort Valour from a band of marauders in a series of waves: with the party rushing about to confront evil in every corner of the beleaguered city.

In Wycked Summons the party is thrust into a race to complete a dungeon faster than an NPC group, in order to save their lives and gain their freedom.

Lastly, in Wayward Maiden, the party is tasked with saving a local Shield Maiden from the clutches of pirates bent on bloody revenge!

This supplement is a collection of FOUR ONE SHOT adventures which I have published, fully detailed and ready for immediate use with very little preparation by the GM or the players! Many glorious nights of role-playing fun are right at your fingertips!

Inside you will find great Old-school art and completely detailed Old School maps, with detailed encounters for each area! This module also includes a detailed map of the nations of Dún Loachas and The Red Eagle Barony, done in the Old School style, and complete with information on geography, local settlements, defenses, and areas for further exploration.

Each of these adventures includes a carefully crafted group of six adventurers for use by your players for a total set of 24 PRE-GENERATED CHARACTERS! Each of the players is presented fully ready to play, with all of the necessary stats and gear. As a BONUS, these PCs are specially laid out so the GM can simply print out the page, cut out the characters sheets, and hand them out! Each player will be ready to go with their own handy mini character sheet!

This module provides wonderful background information and additional areas for adventure for those GM’s setting their campaigns in the author’s ever expanding campaign world, which now comprises four different kingdoms: Jarlburgh, Alderburgh, The Red Eagle Barony, and Dún Loachas.

  • The city of Baile Átha Quinith is the capitol of the The Red Eagle Barony, and the Barrow Mound of Inara Marteen, from the adventure Eternal Knight, is located west of that city, while Awarn Wycked’s Home, from the adventure Wycked Summons, is further west still. The village of Baile nan Iasgairen, the site of the module Wayward Maiden, lies along a forest road southwest of the capital, on the southern coast of the Barony. The adventure Clash at Fort Valour takes place in the village of Dùn Loachas, which lies south of the shining capitol city of the nation of Dùn Bhriste (The Shattered Fort in Common).

This book serves up a whopping 66 pages of action and excitement, and it is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!

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