Wycked Summons

Wycked Summons is my eleventh book, my third one-shot adventure and my third book set within The Red Eagle Barony. It is based on the idea of a head-to-head competition between two adventuring parties, with detailed maps and encounter descriptions for both teams dungeon crawls! It takes place primarily on a pocket plane, so that GMs could easily drop it into their existing campaign world, for a quick and deadly gaming session with your players.

While this scary adventure was initially created for Halloween, its mix of spooky monsters, tricky puzzles, challenging riddles and dastardly traps will be fun any time of the year! Whenever your characters need a jolt of excitement, whisk them away to the mad god Arawn's dungeon crawl!

This 24 page rules adventure module contains all the information you need for running your players through an epic night of dungeon crawling fun! The supplement provides GMs and players with all the DUNGEON MAPS they need, along with six fully set-up PRE-GENERATED CHARACTERS, appendices for NEW MONSTERS and NEW MAGIC ITEMS, an Old School OVERLAND MAP...and so much more!

Available NOW as a PDF directly from us and a PRINT book (coming soon), this book's blood-pumping, head-to-head dungeon crawling action is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!




A full moon glows in the night sky and the veil is thin between the worlds!
Doorways to the Other Worlds are opened and the souls of the dead
and supernatural beings have come into our world tonight!
Should you really be wandering on such a night?

Your party thought you’d caught a break when you came across the small stone house right off the main road just as it was time to make camp. It was a bit crooked, but it looks homey enough and as the party rode up the middle aged man they saw sitting outside seemed mostly harmless. He sat before a large campfire, enjoying a large tankard and puffing on a pipe; a giant wolfhound was at his side. The man rose, smiling and waved the party over. After exchanging a few pleasantries with him. The party agreed to share his fire for the night. He seemed nice enough, his huge dog was friendly, and his house seems like a safe place to rest. What could go wrong?

Lots apparently, especially when its Samhain and you’re dealing with Arawn; King of the Fomorians also known as Balor the smiter, the strong, of the piercing eye; of the Evil Eye and so on. You’ve foolishly accepted his hospitality and now you’ve got to pay for it … by fighting to the death in the head-to-head dungeon crawls he creates, pitting parties of adventures against his mad dungeons and each other – winner takes all, gaining their freedom and a return to the prime material plane from this hellish pocket plane. The losers go into stasis and live to die another day.

  • This supplement contains a completely original ONE SHOT adventure, fully detailed and ready for immediate use with very little preparation by the GM or the players!

    • It can be played as is, with one group of players going through the adventure pitted against a group of NPCs. It could also be used (with some tuning for balance) with a GM and as little as one player, racing against a solo NPC.

    • Or the GM could run two groups of player characters simultaneously, each trying to beat the other to reach the final prize and freedom.

    • If the GM is truly diabolical, they could split the player’s party and have the two groups compete against each other for who will complete the challenges first and reach safety…leaving their compatriots behind!

  • The mechanics of this dungeon are such that it would be simple for a GM to substitute in their monsters, or even randomly generate them on the fly with your favourite gaming manual, so that the dungeon could be reused again and again. (Just like Arawn does!)

  • Inside you will find great Old-school art and a completely detailed maps in the Old School blue & white style, with detailed encounters for each area!

  • This module also includes a fully detailed map of The Red Eagle Barony done in the Old School style, and complete with information on geography, local settlements, defenses, and areas for further exploration.

  • This adventure includes a carefully crafted set of SIX PREGENERATED CHARACTERS, ready for immediate use in the game by players or the GM. Each of the six players is presented fully ready to play with all of the necessary stats and gear. As a BONUS, these PCs are specially laid out so the GM can simply print out the page, cut out the sheets, hand them out and the players will be ready to go with their own handy mini character sheet!

  • This module provides wonderful background information and additional areas for adventure for those GM’s setting their campaigns in the author’s ever expanding campaign world, which now comprises four different kingdoms: Jarlburgh, Alderburgh, The Red Eagle Barony, and Dún Loachas. This adventure’s exploration of the trickster god’s home takes place just west of Inara Marteen’s barrow mound, the site of the Starry Knight Press module SO1 Eternal Knight, and it takes place just east of the village of Breyburgh, the site of the Starry Knight Press module S3 The Way O’ The Fae (both of which are currently available for sale here).

This book features 24 pages of excitement and thrills, planned with great replability in mind, and it is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!

Photos of the actual module:
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